How to choose the ideal corporate gift and at what budget?

Think about distinguishing yourself by offering a gift for the ladies and one for the gentlemen. This gesture is highly appreciated by employees. You can also let them choose, or propose an internal survey if you prefer to opt for a unique product.

In terms of budget, unusual corporate gifts are bound to cost more than key chains or mugs. Similarly, depending on the company, executives do not receive the same corporate gifts as employees. This requires a larger budget. Count a few euros for a classic product and up to several hundred euros if you select more prestigious products (watches, tablets, weekends, etc.).

Why is it worthwhile to offer corporate gifts?

The advantages are numerous. It would be a pity to miss such a benefit both in terms of ethics and relationship. Here is an overview of the positive impacts of business gifts.

Sustaining relationships

Business gifts are a way to build loyalty with clients and partners. They are often perceived as pleasant and welcome rewards.

Cost-effective advertising

Business gifts are an opportunity to make a nice publicity stunt, without spending huge amounts of money. Indeed, offering a diary, a reusable water bottle or an isothermal mug stamped with the company's logo can generate visibility.

Don't forget that corporate gifts can travel outside the workplace. A durable gift can be used on a daily basis and therefore give you free publicity. For example, if you offer a laptop bag to all your sales representatives, some of them may also use it during their vacations or on the weekend. The image of the company will thus be deployed on a larger scale than the professional environment.

Mark key events

Many people think that the end of the year is the best time to give a corporate gift. If it turns out that it is indeed the best time to do so, other key dates during the year are also to be favored. Have you just signed a contract with a client? Give them a gift to symbolize your professional partnership. A small present to offer on each birthday of your employees is also highly appreciated!

Prove that you are in the air of time

Corporate gifts are often limited to a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine or champagne, a mug, a pen, an agenda, etc. Think outside the box. By innovating, you not only stand out from the competition, but also show that you are a modern company!

Take advantage of tax benefits

In certain specific cases, corporate gifts may be deductible from income taxes. They must be granted in the interest of the company and their value must not be disproportionate to the number of employees and the results of the company or the partner to whom they are dedicated.

Good to know: if the total amount of the business gifts exceeds 3,000 euros, they must be declared to the tax authorities. This does not apply to promotional items with a unit amount of less than €69 per recipient per year.


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