Your influencers are your best salespeople and probably your best communication tools. These people are committed for your brand, recommend it, and create positive word-of-mouth around your company. How do you spoil, motivate and retain these drivers of your growth?

In partnership with The Luxury Box

The specifics of prescribers:

They usually have a complementary activity to yours, and redirect their customers to your services by testifying. They justify your added value in a neutral way. This is what gives you credibility! This is for example the case for promoters and real estate agencies, or banks and insurance companies. But also for craftsmen or SMEs who work with each other, for additional work or projects!

But without really knowing your prescribers, how can you be sure to please them?

The Luxury Box to build loyalty and motivate your prescribers:

Our goals are the same as yours:

  • Be sure to please them,
  • Maintain your relationship over the long term,
  • Empower beneficiaries in this loyalty system, to encourage them to continue prescribing your services.

This is what The Luxury Box allows

Whatever the size of your organization, it is possible to set up a loyalty program, with a varied catalog of gifts and different accesses for your partners.

Fully digitalized, our platform allows your partners to choose what they like among more than 200 brands, while encouraging them to earn more points to continue to enjoy themselves.

Another great advantage is that you don't have to worry about it anymore, once the device is in place.

Easy Cadeau allows you to reward continuously those who participate in your development. The platform is even customizable to your colors!


The Luxury Box

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